Ulrich Danckers, M.D. is a retired radiologist. Since 1962 he has lived with his wife Rose in a Chicago suburb, where the couple raised their three children. As a collector of literature on the history of Chicago’s earliest beginnings, he soon realized that no single book had ever told the story in a comprehensive and systematic fashion, while incorporating the results of recent research and addressing earlier misconceptions. Dr. Danckers began over a decade ago to try and fill the void, using partly an encyclopedic and partly a narrative approach. In this effort he was first joined by the illustrator Jane Meredith as co-author, then by the research historian John F. Swenson in the role of contributing editor.

Jane Meredith has been a teacher and later an illustrator, while living in downtown Chicago. Appreciating Dr. Danckers’ endeavor to gather wayward bits of the town’s elusive early history, she joined him in collecting and compiling imagery and text. Her enthusiasm grew as the gradual juxtaposition of isolated details formed a cohesive and relevant historical whole, enhancing her understanding of and her love for today’s grand city. Jane, great-granddaughter of Alfred Bull [93a], now lives with her husband, Ron Mounce, west of Chicago.

For information about other major contributors of historical data, including the editor, see the entry “earlychicago.com” in the Encyclopedia.