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quarter section  equals 160 acres; see section.

Quebec  oldest city in Canada; the first European explorer to visit the site was the Frenchman Jacques Cartier in 1535, finding a large Iroquoian village called Stadacona, where in 1608 Samuel Champlain founded the present city; became the capital of the French Province of England in 1774 (see map), and from 1791 to 1841 was the capital of the Provence of Lower Canada; Nouveau France or Canada under either authority included Chicago and much of Illinois, which were therefore under Quebec jurisdicition for long periods; for further details on Chicago`s jurisdication see entry “jurisdiction.” Quebec’s additional importance for Chicago`s early history derives from the activities of the Jesuit missionaries who throughout the late 17th century were directed by Church authorities based there, and by the export of fur from the Northwest and the import of supplies from Europe which was funneled almost exclusively through Quebec. [50a, 544]

Queen Charlotte  brig from Buffalo, NY under Captain Cotton, called at Chicago on Aug 20. and Oct. 9, 1835.

Queen, Mary  see Cook, Thomas.

Querquedula discors  see teal, blue-winged.