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Zarley, J.W.  arrived in 1832 and served under Capt. G. Kercheval in the Chicago company during the Black Hawk War; was listed among “500 Chicagoans” on the census which Commissioner Thomas J.V. Owen took prior to the incorporation of Chicago as a town in early August 1833. [12, 319] [714]

Zender, Dr.  from Paris, member of the Botanical Medical Society and of the Phrenological Society of New York; placed an ad in the Nov. 11, 1835, Chicago Democrat offering “his professional services in the practice of Medicine to the inhabitants of Chicago”; residing at the Exchange Coffee House, he “will pay particular attention to dyspepsia, consumptions, liver complaints, culaneous diseases, and fevers of every kind” or would provide a class in French or “lessons in the Greek, Latin or Spanish languages, Philosophy, &c.; &c.;”

Zender, John  from Luxembourg; settled S of Rogers Park in 1834.

Zénobe, Père  see Membré, Père Zenobius (Zénobe).

Zeuch, Lucius H., M.D.  Illinois physician and historian; author of History of Medical Practice in Illinois, Preceding 1850, which he finished in 1927, the year of his death; together with Robert Knight, he also authored Mount Joliet: Its Place in Illinois History and Its Location and The Location of the Chicago Portage Route of the 17th Century. [413] [738]

Zimmerman Site  the 1947 archaeological excavation site north of Utica, IL, where Father Marquette founded the Mission de la Conception at a Kaskaskia village in 1675; the location of several Illinois Indian settlements between 1673 and 1711. [259]